Ludimusic Card Redeem points for discounts on all purchases
Immediate discount on next purchase
For each purchase your card accumulates gift points which can be redeemed on the next purchase.
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Online and in-shop use. Immediate adhesion.
LudiMusic Card makes no distinction as to the type of the purchase made. The gift points value is assigned likewise when you buy online or at one of our brand shops.
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All purchases count!
All of the items in our catalog accumulate points on the card. If you buy a bundle of products you accumulate even more points thus getting better discounts.
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If you are already a Ludimusic client, ask your LudiMusic Card through your online client account.

If you don’t have an online account yet, register now by using the client details appearing on your purchase invoice.
If you’re not a Ludimusic client, submit your registration with your first purchase!
Your LudiMusic Card will be associated with your client account.
You will be able then to check online all your transactions and movements with your card points.


To buy online a physical card isn't needed.
Your LudiMusic Card also runs as a virtual card, when buying online and using the shopping cart options.
So you can manage and redeem the gift points you earned just the moment you are finishing your purchases.

You decide how many points to redeem on each purchase!

For an ID card with your personal identification request it directly at one of our stores! Immediate issuing and delivery!
When buying at one of our shop network sales counter, you can request to redeem your points directly to the shop assistant just before the issue of invoice.

Join now and start earning gift points with all your purchases!

Please refer to the TERMS and FAQs and/or clarify whatever doubt you have with our commercial assistants!
Email:          contact: +351 262 287 180