We provide services and products to thousands of musicians
We are a project 100% Portuguese to promote, sell and suply musical instruments, equipment, technology, consumables and services for music

Ludimusic est né avec l'année 2013. Nous sommes les héritiers du savoir-faire d'une famille qui vit depuis 60 ans dans la connaissance de l'industrie du spectacle et du commerce des instruments de musique. Nous croyons que la musique, l'art et le divertissement ne sont pas un luxe mais des éléments fondamentaux d'une civilisation moderne, humaniste et entreprenante.

We welcome you to Ludimusic community, our website and our stores. We will fight to deserv your trust ever.

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Our mission Offer a complete range of musical instruments and services for music

We realy want to help our clients to fulffil their lives personally or professionally through music, for the pleasure it offers them in all dimensions: studying, playing, sharing, creation and of course the distribution and public promotion of music as a medium of culture, show and entertainment.

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In Ludimusic most of us are musicians too. To work in this industry isn't just a job for us but also a pleasure we daily try hard to transmit with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism.