Pedaleira efeitos guitarra elec. Line 6 Pod Go

Categoria: Multi efeitos para guitarra

Disponibilidade: Esgotado

Marca: Line 6

Código de artigo: ZML6GBEG030014

465,00 €

Quantidade: 1


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Modeling-Floorboard with expression pedal and large displays

Line 6 POD Go Board is the latest addition to the legendary POD family, bringing together high-caliber modeling and intuitive operation in one easy-to-use modeling floorboard. With extensive amp, speaker and effects simulation based on award-winning Helix algorithms, you'll be able to create the sound you want, while the ability to load your own impulse responses completes the sound shaping process. In addition to the stereo effects path and built-in expression pedal, Line 6 POD Go also features a built-in 4x4 USB audio interface and the option to create presets using the free Line 6 POD Go Edit App.

First-class modeling of amps, cabinets and effects

At the heart of the Line 6 POD Go are world-class modeling algorithms based on those of the award-winning Helix devices. In addition to simulations of the most popular classic amps from the U.K. and U.S., the amps feature the latest high-gain technology, so every sound is covered, from crystal-clear clean to warm crunch, singing overdrive to aggressive distortion. Detailed simulations of the most popular cabinets and the ability to load your own speaker impulse responses (IRs) guarantee a particularly natural sound experience. Last but not least, Line 6 POD Go provides a comprehensive effects library for tuning the sound.

Intuitive operation with large display

Despite the extensive possibilities for finding your own sound, Line 6 POD Go is characterized by an intuitive user interface. The 4.3-inch (110 mm) LCD screen gives you a perfect overview of your chosen models and presets, while clearly arranged knobs and buttons make it easy to adjust them. Eight footswitches with colorful LED rings provide quick and easy control of Line 6 POD Go in live situations, with up to four snapshots for changing sounds within a preset. The built-in expression pedal also provides real-time effects control.

Extensive connections and audio interface

The Line 6 POD Go also provides all the connections you need for use on stage, in the rehearsal room or recording studio. The stereo loop allows you to easily add additional effects to the signal path, while the stereo main outputs provide balanced and unbalanced direct audio. The special Amp-Out is also designed for connection to guitar amps. Last but not least, Line 6 Pod Go offers a USB connection for the integrated 4x4 audio interface or the connection to the free Pod Go Edit app.