Guit electro-acustica Jumbo Alhambra J-SSp natural

Categoria: Jumbo

Disponibilidade: Esgotado

Marca: Alhambra

Código de artigo: ZMALGBGA060001

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Alhambra J-SSp

The J-SSp model of Alhambra Guitars is an acoustic guitar Jumbo style, an instrument of great dimensions and with an aesthetics and sonorous concept that surprises from the first moment.

It is one of the most popular acoustic guitars that result in rich tones, with an excellent mid-range and defined trebles. The Jumbo body is very comfortable and also provides a full spectrum of tone colours with a very versatile reponse.

It is surprisingly remarkable that this model has a lot resonance but at the same time is very comfortable. This combination is resulting from the research and design process of Alhambra Guitars. With a very adjusted action to obtain the best experience for the guitarist, this guitar comes with 0.12-0.53 strings.

Craft work and selected materials

A small group of luthiers are in charge of elaborating the Alhambra acoustic guitars, obtaining very careful instruments in all their details, as well as a meticulous selection of woods.

Specifically, it has been designed with a top to choose from German spruce, Cedar, Sitka or Adirondak, always solid woods.

The solid woods of Sipo, Rosewood or Maple are the options offered for assembling the sides and back. The latter, Maple, is a traditional wood in acoustic guitars and stands out for offering many harmonics, sound and brightness. A high density wood that defines an elegant and precious instrument.

In addition, for the neck of the Jumbo acoustic guitar, J-SSp, comes with adjustable truss rod and you can choose between Sipo or Maple.

Ebony and Sycamore has been used to make the fingerboards and bindings. For the rosette, we use natural veneers and abalone.