Mesa mistura c/ efeitos Definitive Audio DA MX4 USB

Mesa mistura c/ efeitos Definitive Audio DA MX4 USB

Categoria: Mesa de mistura analógica com efeitos

Disponibilidade: Em stock

Marca: Definitive Audio

Código de artigo: ZMDFASEMM03060001

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The DA MX 4 USB is a 3-channel analog mixing console, including 2 XLR / 6.35mm jack combo inputs and a stereo 6.35mm jack input. The microphone preamps are of very high quality in order to offer you impeccable performance. It is equipped with a very complete multimedia player / recorder for very current use.

Technical characteristics :

3-channel mixer

Inputs: 2 XLR / Jack combos and 2 6.35mm mono jacks

Outputs: 2 x male XLR and 1 x 6.35mm headphones

Mono channels 1 and 2:

Gain: -14 - + 40dB

Eq 2 bands 80Hz and 12KHz +/- 15dB

+ 48V with LED indicator

Selector: Micro / line

Bluetooth system

LED saturation indicator

Stereo channel

Adjustable sensitivity

Adjustable scale

LED saturation indicator

General level indicator: 2 x 6 LEDs (4 green, 2 yellow and 2 red)

Max output level: 3 Vrms

Frequency response +/- 0.5 dB: 20 ??- 20000Hz

Dynamic: 102 dB

THD: <0.03%

Power supply: DC 5V, 1A

Power consumption: Max 5W

Dimensions: 166 x 66 x 165mm

Weight: 0.89 Kg