Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC 2019 Worn Ebony

Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC 2019 Worn Ebony

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Les Paul Junior Tribute DC 2019 Worn Ebony

If you’re looking for a pure rock and roll machine, the Gibson USA 2019 Les Paul Junior Tribute DC is a contender that you should strongly consider!

With its distinctive yet timeless doublecut body shape, a punchy P90 bridge pickup and the renowned Gibson construction, this instrument is as stylish as it is potent-sounding. The Les Paul Junior Tribute DC is the perfect blend of beauty and simplicity.


Featuring Gibson’s staple tonewood combinations, the Les Paul Junior Tribute DC is comprised of a Mahogany body and a Maple neck. With the rich-sounding Mahogany serving as a fantastic tonal foundation for the powerful P90, this material delivers a strong mid-range and a focused low-end.

Unlike some of the more modern Gibson instruments, this particular guitar’s body has no weight-relief whatsoever. Giving you more sustain and a substantial feel, this type of construction will surely appeal to the traditionalists.

The DC’s set Maple neck offers some vibrant top-end sizzle, ensuring that notes and chords will have plenty of bite and a fast, snappy response. Adorned with a silky smooth Rosewood fingerboard, you can effortlessly glide up and down the neck, especially with the modern Slim Taper neck profile.

Electronics & Hardware

The Gibson USA 2019 Les Paul Junior Tribute DC features a single P90 in the bridge, but it’s more versatile than you might think. Although punk players will adore its potent sound, this Gibson-designed P90 is actually incredibly dynamic, reacting very well to the volume and tone controls.

This means that you can tame some of the pickup’s output for a thinner and less aggressive sound, and also reduce some top-end for a creamy lead tone, or a smoother-sounding clean.

With a Compensated Wraparound bridge, this reliable design feels solid and smooth under the right hand when palm-muting, with no jagged saddles digging into your picking hand.

Gibson has ensured that this guitar projects an old-school vibe, which is why they have fitted the Les Paul Junior Tribute DC with a set of their Vintage Deluxe tuners. Featuring understated white buttons, these tuners have a stable feel with a steady rotation, meaning that you can precisely tune each string.