Musicman Majesty MAJ100 - Iced Crimson Red

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Marca: Musicman

Código de artigo: ZMMMGBGE51GS0003

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Signature electric guitar with humbucker pickups, active booster, tremolo and locking mechanisms

The Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci MAJ100 Majesty RW Ice Crimson Red is the signature model of the Dream Theater guitarist and offers an innovative design that convinces with unlimited playing comfort and versatile sounds of the harder gait. The ergonomic Linde body and free-standing mahogany neck provide unimpeded access to all positions of the fingerboard, while hot humbuckers and the 12dB boost that can be switched on at the amplifier provide plenty of pressure. The Sterling Majesty is completed by an SBMM Modern Tremolo and SBMM Locking tuners.

Sterling Majesty: Innovative design and high playing comfort

The innovative design of the Sterling Majesty was developed in close cooperation with John Petrucci and convinces with an incomparably high playing comfort. The Linde body is not only extremely stable when sitting on the thigh, but also occupies a perfectly balanced position on the belt. In addition, the wide cutaways release the entire mahogany neck, providing unimpeded access to all layers of the rosewood fingerboard. The flat "D" profile can also be played on with playful ease.

Humbucker and active boost

As John Petrucci Signature electric guitar, the Sterling by Music Man JP100 Majesty delivers brute metal sounds on the amplifier, but also shows its soft string in the clean channel. The Sterling by Music Man humbucker built into the neck and bridge positions convince with a well-dosed output and a harmonically balanced reproduction that lets solo lines sing with endless sustain, while riffs are represented with tight definition. Clean chords and melodies are also represented with first-class string separation. In addition, the SBMM Majesty offers an active boost that is activated via the push/pull volume potentiometer and raises the signal by 12 dB for additional volume and gain reserves.

Modern tremolo and locking mechanisms

In addition, the Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci Majesty is equipped with high-quality hardware that ensures unrestricted playing pleasure with high functionality. For example, the SBMM Modern Tremolo is used as a bridge, which convinces with its butter-soft handling supported on two pins. Both up- and down-bendings are possible without any problems due to the undercut. From the bridge, the strings are guided with the classic 25.5" scale (648 mm) towards the headstock, on which SBMM locking mechanisms in typical 4+2 arrangement promise a stable tuning even with frequent use of the whammy bar.