Tama VP50RS Silverstar Dark Mocha Fade

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Silverstar Dark Mocha Fade

The Tama Silverstar Custom VP50R Drum Kit Dark Mocha Fade consists of a 20" x 16" bass drum, 10" x 8" and 12" x 9" tom toms, a 14" x 14" floor tom and a 14" x 5" snare all with a dark mocha fade finish and hardware included. The Silverstar Custom series features shells crafted from selected birch with six layers for the toms and snare, and seven layers for the bass drum. These shells offer great resonance in combination with the reliable Star Mount tom mounts.

The tom is connected at four points by lightweight screws to further increase resonance, whilst the included tom holder MTH905N features a telescope function that allows it to be held in almost any position. The bass drum comes with rubber padded claw hooks that help to prevent damage to the wood and also provide a better sound. With a complete hardware package consisting of a snare stand, two boom cymbal stands, a hihat stand and a pedal from the established Iron Cobra series, the Silverstar Custom by Tama offers drummers everything they could need.